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Industries Served

Maintainly can be used in just about any industry for managing and executing preventative & reactive maintenance on any asset.

Here are some of the major industries that we serve:


This is where Maintainly got it’s start! Maintainly is the most utilised product of its kind in the renewable energy sector; serving thousands of wind turbines, solar stations, hydro facilities and other energy facilities worldwide.

Healthcare / Medical

From hospitals to clinics, Maintainly helps document and formalise the regular maintenance of critical, expensive medical devices, in addition to generic assets.

Agriculture & Farming

Make sure you’re ready to go when the timing is crucial by planning preventative maintenance well in advance. Suitable for any type of plant or equipment related to agriculture & farming.

Property & Condo Management

From rental properties to condo and association management, Maintainly can sync tenant or occupant maintenance requests with the registered assets.

Public Sector / Government

Transparency & predictability over a large number of public assets spread far and wide. Maintainly helps you streamline maintenance activities and manage safety & risk.


Crucial for the planning of scheduled / preventative maintenance to fit in line with production schedules.


Set maintenance schedules that won’t inhibit the fluctuating requirements of running numerous construction projects simultaneously. Suitable for large machinery to smaller assets alike.


Work orders

Quickly create, plan and track tasks that are preventative (scheduled) or reactive (unscheduled) such as breakdowns, retrofits, etc.


Accept maintenance requests via a private link then choose to approve or decline them.


Each user can comment on a work order independently. See who said what and when.


Add technician time for an individual or a team in one go. Multi-day, multi-time-slot capable.


Search for and add major components or consumables from multiple stock locations.

Asset changeouts

Quickly swap assets from a hierarchy with just the serial number.

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Set & forget. Create one-off or recurring schedules and let Maintainly create the task when it falls due.

Unscheduled maintenance

Add a new tasks at any time for breakdowns or general maintenance.

Bulk work order creation

Same task required on multiple assets? It's easy with Maintainly Bulk Tasks.

Technicians & contractors

Tasks that are suitable for your in-house technicians, and external contractors alike. Control which work sites technicians can access.

Quick Approvals

Optionally include task approval for billing/departmental/cost centre tracking.


Know what was done and by who. Track by site, cost center or run reports for client invoicing.


Flexible Hierarchy

A hierarchical asset structure that you can actually view as a hierarchy, not just a list of assets!

Individual Asset History

Research the exact work (both preventative & unscheduled) that has been performed on any individual asset within your hierarchy.

Smooth PM Workload

Set individual service start dates on each asset to ensure your workload is kept at a consistent, management level.

Asset Movement Tracking

See the history of where an asset has been.


Draw user attention to issues (eg. safety concerns) at a particular asset.


Get a full report of current assets, including unique identifiers like serial numbers. Or search and report on the history of individual assets or commonalities between assets.

Materials & Inventory

Inventory levels

Updated automatically when shipments are added or parts consumed in a work order.

Pre-defined part kits

Plan future inventory requirements based on pre-defined material kits.

Cycle Counts

Small, regular, dynamic inventory counts to help improve the monitoring of stock levels.

Manual stock adjustments

Manually alter price and/or quantities following a stocktake.

Multiple stock & shelf locations

Add multiple locations and define which work sites can access them.

Unit of Measure

Define the unit by which a material is both purchased and consumed via a work order.

Minimum & Maximum levels by location

Make inventory ordering a breeze by setting the minimum and maximum levels for each material, at each location.

Supplier lead-times

Define an individual lead time for different suppliers of the same material.

Material barcode printing

When shipments arrive, just print off the required barcodes directly from the purchase order.

Re-order reports

A little assistance on what to order and when never goes astray.


Create purchase orders, place internal requests, or receive shipments from any number of suppliers.

Back Orders

Multiple shipments for the one order? It’s no problem with Maintainly’s back-ordering capabilities.


Why buy more stock unnecessarily? Transfers makes it easy to track the movement of materials from one stock location to another.


Barcode or no barcode, quickly confirm or alter quantities during or after a stocktake.

Inventory Log

Stream all instances of inventory change by name, number, location, and user.

Consumption Reports

Know instantly what materials have been used and where.


User Time

Time entries on tasks tracked to the minute. Multi-day, multi-time slot capable.

Auto-populated timesheets

Remove the need for double-entry with technician time sheets that auto-populate using data directly from the work orders.

Driving & Break Time

Track both independently via work orders.

‘Locked’ user time

Time entries on work orders locked after completion.


Option to approve timesheets on a daily or weekly basis.


Report who is working where, what type of work they’re doing, for how long they’re working, and how that compares to other users.

Capture payroll-specific data.

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