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Easy to manage. Quick to complete.

Service Reports

Work orders can be easily assigned to any Asset; recording work performed, priority, materials used, technician time, documentation, and other key data points.

Quick Approvals

Work orders require approval after completion? Maintainly's Quick Approval provides a continuous stream of work orders that are awaiting your approval. It's a beautiful thing.


Your technicians aren't stationary, and neither is Maintainly. Add and update work orders while on-the-go.

Preventative Maintenance

Quickly and easily set your maintenance schedules based on pre-defined criteria. Maintainly will ensure you'll never miss a scheduled maintenance again.

Maintainly has become the central point for our
technician hours, material usage and scheduling.

Chris Parks, Newcastle, UK


Flexibility with full tracking and history.

Maintainly mobile app Asset Hierarchy

Flexible Asset Hierarchy

Create any number or type of assets, large or small, at any location. Capture critical asset information like asset model, serial number, commissioning and service start dates.

Cost Tracking

Work order data tracked to specific assets means you'll know which components are performing better than others and where your time and material costs are being incurred.

Maintainly web app Asset History

Asset History

Whether it's preventative maintenance or breakdowns, all work performed is tracked back to an individual asset. This means that you’ll see the full maintenance history of every single asset.

Asset Movement

For ultimate tracking, assets that are removed, moved, retired, or sent for repair, can all be tracked via a service report and the asset will take its entire work history with it. You can even see a record of everywhere an asset has been.

Maintainly web app Alerts


Notify users of important information and safety warnings on individual assets.

Maintainly helps streamline maintenance
for us at over 400 rental properties.

Eric Seegers, Milwaukee, USA


Track inventory levels, usage, movement, purchases, transfers and maintenance cost.

Maintainly web app Inventory Log

Inventory Oversight

Know what you have, where you have it, and when it's used.

Live & Up-to-Date

Track all inventory usage via work orders, purchases, transfers between locations and stocktaking. Or integrate with your existing inventory management software. Whatever the case, you'll benefit from better oversight and overall management of your inventory.

Cycle Counts

Using Maintainly Cycle Counts means regular, smaller stock counts, ensuring that the most frequently used materials are counted more often.

Maintainly mobile app Task Materials

Purchases & Transfers

Create orders, track shipments, back-orders, and stock transfers between your stock locations.

Material Usage

Track all material usage directly from your work orders. Use this usage history for internal reporting, to bill clients, or even predict future material demand.

Major Components

Tell Maintainly if a material is a major component and an additional layer of tracking will be available. Maintainly can track when major components are removed, moved, or even sent for repair, all the while taking their full maintenance history along for the ride.

Everything we need to track and bill work done to over 70 sites.

Tony Walman, California, USA


Everything tracked down to the minute.

Maintainly People

User Accounts

In-house, out-of-house, full or restricted user access. Capture the data you need with Maintainly.


Streamlines the time sheet process. Maintainly automatically populates each technician's daily time sheet using existing work order data.

Maintainly mobile app Assign Technicians

Easy to Complete

With a quick click-and-drag, users can easily add non-work-order time to their time sheet, giving you the full picture of where time is being spent.


Make it a seamless solution; integrate with your existing payroll software and make double entry a thing of the past.

Integrated time sheets was a
game-changer for us.

Zena Mayr, New York, USA


Get to know your assets better.

Maintainly mobile app Task Priority

Knowledge Base

Use any of the work order variables such as work type, event code, or asset model, to pinpoint issues or troublesome trends.


Whether it's for internal analysis or providing regular reports to clients, Maintainly's reporting functionality puts the data you need right at your fingertips.

Asset History

Every bit of work, from preventative to breakdowns, tracked to an individual asset; a full and comprehensive history.

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